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I grew up with a love of the written word. Writing is an art just like any other creative endeavor. Unlike painting with pastels, my words are my medium.

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Call It Courage

Call It Courage - Armstrong Sperry This would make a great read for summer vacation or visiting the beach :). The beautiful illustrations sprinkled throughout the book helped me visualize the many adventures Mafatu experienced on his journey away from home. Sperry's descriptive language weaved a web of illusion and drew me into the struggles of a young boy who was convinced he must be a coward because he feared the sea. It's hard to overcome our fears, but not impossible. Mafatu's story is a prime example of the many rewards we, as the readers, might earn if we dare to conquer those things we secretly fear. Although this book seems to be a forgotten classic, I would highly recommend it to those interested in folklore and timeless tales of adventure.