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I grew up with a love of the written word. Writing is an art just like any other creative endeavor. Unlike painting with pastels, my words are my medium.

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Quarantine: The Loners

Quarantine: The Loners - Lex Thomas There were some things in this book that had real potential, but most of the time I just found myself getting aggravated over the unrealistic way the teens were portrayed. I didn't like how the authors made it seem okay for the characters (aged 14 to 18) to dabble around in premarital sex and underage drinking. In fact, the overabundance of loose morals made me cringe.

I tried to stick things out, but I just couldn't do it. I stopped reading about halfway through and skimmed the rest. I'm glad I didn't try finishing. There are some well-written scenes, but overall I was very disappointed. I'm eager to move on to something I'll actually enjoy reading.