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I grew up with a love of the written word. Writing is an art just like any other creative endeavor. Unlike painting with pastels, my words are my medium.

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White Cat

White Cat - Holly Black I read “White Cat” fairly quickly. I thought it was an enjoyable read, hence the reason why I gave it four stars. Holly Black does a great job creating an alternative world where some people can kill, maim or steal your luck with a mere touch. These gifted individuals are known as curse workers. Some have a skill that’s somewhat useful, whereas others possess a talent that’s potentially deadly. I loved how Black was able to shape her book around the criminal underworld. She certainly did a lot of research on different criminal societies across the world.

Even though Black put a lot of thought into creating a world shaped by criminal overlords, there were still some aspects I found confusing. She explained most everything really well, but other aspects felt a bit muddled. My favorite character by far was Granddad. When I pictured him I couldn't help but imagine Dean Martin ;p.

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